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We are a renowned Railway, Construction and appraisal provider offering Network Rail courses, Construction related courses, Health & Safety courses, First Aid courses and more.

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Tailored training requirements – we understand that you are exceptional in the learning process, so our trainers are eager to collaborate with you to deliver the best learning opportunities.

Quality training

Our centre is quite aware that the industry in which we offer training is changing, so our trainers are up to date on current practises to prepare learners for the workplace.

Who we are

Centre Point Services is focused on your success and will support your progression every step of the way to obtaining your certification. If you are a person pursuing advancement you will enjoy the learning experience. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality service. We take pride in the accomplishments of our students; our performance metrics are focused on the accomplishments of the individuals and businesses with whom we collaborate.

We are experts in delivering safety-critical courses and tests through the sentinel programme, as well as construction-related health and safety training through a variety of accredited awarding bodies. You are welcome to learn more about our programmes and see what we have to sell.

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Are you interested in developing new skills or you are highly motivated and want to acquire key skills relevant in today’s world? Is that you? If so, please contact our team today.

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