Course details

This course gives each learner the theoretical and practical information needed to function as a COSS on the Network Rail infrastructure. It will teach them how to function in all facets of the SSOW hierarchy at Network Rail. It will also demonstrate how a COSS can use security measures to ensure that work sites and work areas are secure for a trackman to use.

It will demonstrate how they can interact with a wide range of people working at various levels within the Network Rail system, including signallers, ECOs, and PICOPs. It will ensure that the person can set up all of the various types of SSOW needed for use in the Network Rail infrastructure.

Every two years, the individual must complete a 5-day recertification course to ensure that they are retrained and qualified in their position as a COSS.

Duration: 6 Days

Who Is The Course Suitable For?
This course is for individuals who want to work on Network Rail’s infrastructure near or on the railway.

Before registering in the PTS course, candidates must be at least 16 years old and be supported by a link-up approved railway company. As part of the course, we can also sponsor you.

Prior to attending the course, candidates must pass a Network Rail-approved medical and drug and alcohol screening.

Only those with a good enough command of the English language to make an emergency phone call will be allowed to attend.