Course details

This course is intended for candidates who wish to set up a safe system of work on Network Rail’s infrastructure and act as a Controller Of Site Safety and require re-certification. It also covers Personal Track Safety re-certification

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is expected to protect a group of people who are working on or near the line. Employers must appoint delegates for this position based on established processes to determine aptitude and previous experience, according to Railway Group Standard GO/RT 3358 (Persons Responsible for Protecting Work On or Near the Line). Without additional training, a COSS may perform IWA duties.

Course Objectives
The participant would be able to do the following after successfully completing the course:

When working as a COSS, demonstrate their ability to correctly interpret specific sections of the Rule Book and relevant Railway Group Standards.

Before any group of employees is able to go on or near the line, they must demonstrate their knowledge and willingness to set up a Safe System of Work.