Course details

About the course

Functional Skills ICT would benefit all learners aged 16 and above, whether young people or adults, to help them search, choose, and bring together information, as well as use ICT to produce, interpret, and communicate knowledge for a purpose. You’ll learn how to use ICT systems, Microsoft software, and problem-solving approaches to find answers to real-world challenges. Assessment will cover three key skill areas: Using ICT systems; Using ICT to find information; Communicating information using ICT.

Entry requirements

You must be enrolled in the Functional Skills study programme for Level 1. It is necessary to have some computer experience.

For Level 2, you should ideally be enrolled in a GCSE or similar study programme, with Level 1 IT abilities. Initial assessments are necessary of all students to establish their competence level.

Where next

The skills you learn on this course will be very useful in almost all careers or Higher Education courses. If you want to continue to a higher level, you will have the option of studying modules of the Advanced ECDL level 3 or Microsoft Office Specialist.

Work experience and employability

This course does not include any work experience, however it does include other activities that will help you improve employability skills.